What is YFDAI Finance

YFDAI is a community centric innovative DeFi project developed by the people, for the people. The decisions and actions of YFDAI will be made by its members and community to ensure equity and fairness for all. YFDAI is a new form of governance system where innovation, entrepreneurship, and technological advancement is the priority and the goal is delivering a much needeed utility focus to DeFi.



Returning 0.2% a day, 6% a month, 72% a year fixed returns and will run for 3 years. Staking is available now.


Farming will allow participants to earn returns by providing liquidity in a variety of pools. Our first farming pool will launch in late September 2020.


Our flagship, SafeSwap exchange will list and support projects that have met our strict criteria including locked tokens and fully audited contracts.


A community made of borrowers that have instant access to a variety of loans while providing a collateral liquidity.


A community made of depositors and borrowers, depositors earn a passive income by providing liquidity while borrowers have instant access to a variety of loans.


The YFDAI Launchpad ecosystem will promote up and coming projects that wish to contribute legitimate services to the crypto space by helping to build their token platform.


YFDAI Finance will offer clients extra peace of mind with our optional insurance program. YFDAI will be offering insurance underwritten by a major carrier to help mitigate risk.


Total Supply: 21,000 YFDAI

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Circulating Supply

7770 tokens fully distributed

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Staking and DAO

7350 tokens locked for 12 months

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Team & Advisors

2520 tokens locked via smart contract
released at 210 tokens per month

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2100 tokens locked via smart contact

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1050 tokens locked for 6 months
released at 175 tokens per month

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210 tokens used for
new incentives/emergencies

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YfDAI Roadmap


At YFDAI’ s inception, we did not intend to be an anonymous team as our ethos has always been about trust and transparency in the crypto space. Unfortunately, regulations surrounding the DeFi space are not yet clear in all jurisdictions. This has prompted us to seek out legal opinions on how we can reveal our identities safely. This is not only important for the community, but also important for us as it will give us an added advantage over many of our competitors when dealing with exchanges and new partnerships.


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The Founder of YFDAI is both a software engineer and Business woman. Olivia has been an avid fan of blockchain and trader of cryptocurrencies since 2016. Seeing the cryptocurrency space as a professional programmer, Olivia knows the importance of making a clean and secure DeFi protocol.

Olivia has a number of qualifications and holds a bachelors in Computer Applications.
Some other points worth noting are:

Advanced Programing Languages: C, C++, JAVA, Python, Oracle

An advanced technical analyst, Trading and investing in crypto assets since 2016.

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Doubling as a Software Developer and Website Designer, Rocky has ample experience in web development and design. Having been familiar with cryptocurrencies for years, his initial descent into the space came in the golden year of 2017. He has since been engaged in crypto and felt the need to create a truly honest and secure DeFi platform together with Olevia as the co-developer

Qualifications include:

Knowledge-Solidity, Web3 TronWeb, JavaScript, MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS Node.JS React Native, HTML5, CSS3, Distributed Ledger Technology , Ethereum and TRON DAPPs , Authentication systems, Real Time Web Apps


Freelance 2014 — 2016

Blockchain 2016 — 2020

Freelance Developer Created Web Apps and Frontend Designs for startups as a freelancer. An expert at being the vital link between decision makers and dev teams to ensure the end product was produced to the exact specification. Provided software support to over 300 happy clients as a freelancer. Senior Blockchain Developer. Developed Distributed Solidity systems for complicated DAPPs in collaboration with leading IT companies. Provided maintenance and support for next level DAPPs, worked with AR and mixed reality. Provided Ethereum and TRON consulting to Blockchain startups.

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Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering with fundamental engineering and dynamics experience. Proficient at technical analysis with extensive knowledge and experience in the crypto space since 2017 as a technical analyst.

Thore has extensive background experience in both engineering and blockchain development. With the intense level of innovation that is occurring in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, Thore felt the need to contribute his own knowledge and expertise to the field. Thore’s extensive experience in the field is projected into the YFDAI project. Being a proficient technical analyst, Thore understands the cryptocurrency space from both a developer and investor perspective.

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Degree in IT Security and a crypto enthusiast since 2017. Wesley has a variety of work experiences that he uses to help the team in multiple ways.

He has work experience in tactical security at a government agency and helped with community management at Binance. During his education and work experience, he gained knowledge in information security, continuity management, pen testing, designing and developing secure network infrastructures and programming in multiple languages.

Wesley has also been investing and trading in crypto part-time and is currently following investment study.

After seeing the negative precedents being set in the DeFi space with reports of fraudulent projects ascending contemporaneously with the rise of DeFi’ s popularity, Olivia and her team saw the opportunity to develop a trusted and secure platform. That’ s exactly why in Q3 of 2020, YFDAI was created. Having been affected by illegitimate projects personally, Olivia knew the central focus of YFDAI should revolve around transparency and security. To achieve this, the YFDAI protocol and smart contracts first had to undergo a thorough inspection by an accredited auditing firm. In addition to this measure, the tokens belonging to the team would have to be locked with the address made public for all to verify. While these steps solidified YFDAI’ s commitment to security, the project couldn ’t stop there. The YFDAI team made it a point that the DeFi space had to embrace a “best practices approach” in order to truly flourish, that is why YFDAI’ s Launchpad and SafeSwap exchange was created. The creation of the LaunchPad and SafeSwap exchange was designed to help scaffold the DeFi space as a whole, and to construct a truly trustless, transparent, and secure environment.